Your Expert in Internal Control and Compliance Matters

We are a consulting firm specialised in the implementation and the follow-up of regulatory provisions applicable to banking and investment services industries.

For almost 10 years, CID Consulting has been assisting numerous large and small financial companies with their internal control and compliance issues, either on a one-off basis or by a delegation of powers to act as  their external Compliance Officer.

Our Values : Proximity, Quality, Reactivity, Custom-made Approach,  Commitment and Loyalty.


Our assets : Expertise, Independence,  Pragmatism, Sectorial Specialization : Asset Management companies,  Brokerage firms and  Investment Banks.


CID Consulting is "Adapted, Mobilized, Fail-Proof"

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CiD Consulting is referenced in the Datadock

CID Consulting can also offer you the following services :

• Legifi©: The most complete compliance online  database.


• StarISC©: The software suite  for supervising financial activities.


• EthiSearch©: To search for your compliance officer, risk controller, RCCI or RCSI.

CiD Consulting correspondant member of AFG and AMAFI


The financial regulation website dedicated to professionals


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Operations monitoring system for RCCI/RCSI either on an externalization basis or as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

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EthiSearch : Ethical recruitment In Compliance

Ethical search of your compliance office or internal controller.

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